Leon Parson Prints

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Leon Parson Prints

Postby antlerfactory » Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:10 pm

I have several very nice Leon Parson prints that I would like to sell. I have two, 2 1/2 second on no tellum ridge lithograph prints that are consecutive numbers. Both matted and professionally framed. I have a Black Hole Bull lithograph that is not framed and in a secure print envelope. I have a rare Snow Buck that is very nicely framed and matted. And then the Crown Jewel of all the Parson prints, I have a Backside of No tellum Ridge!! This is the rarest and most wanted of all the Parson prints available. All prints are in excellent condition.
If you have any intrest you can email me at arrowassasin@yahoo.com or call 641-203-6807 and we can talk price.

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