Good and bad at the same time

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Good and bad at the same time

Postby M.Bird » Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:03 pm

Good day calling, Bad day shooting
Went to a new area that a guy I know told me about, he is a chucker hunter, just told me he heard a lot of yotes barking last time he was out there.
Got up early and the wife decided she wanted to go, ok I running late and now it will be later, we are off about 45 minutes behinds schedule, have to stop for her to get something to eat (drive though, they can be very slow at times only 1 hour behind, stop and get her some snacks, burn with the time, we will get there sometime during the day.
Looking for the turn onto the secondary road from the dirt road, still looking I think I see it, but drive past. Go about 2 miles, (have to turn around, big trouble ahead) I stop short of the sign, I see a county cop just past the sign, The sign is the California state line, and I hunt yotes with an AR platform, if you take that platform into California you can be arrested and they can/will take it from you, this is a post ban gun that I had build.
Make the turn and up the road we go, looking good. Little snow still on the ground from the snow 2 days old. WOW cutting lots of dog tracks all over the place, keep driving up the foothills, getting muddy, 4WD engaged find a good spot to park, get dressed leave the wife watching a DVD in the truck, over the hill in down the draw, do my first set, 5 minutes into the set I have a hard charger coming at me, about 60yds I bark to stop him, he hits the brakes, I aim squeeze the trigger a clean miss and he is off at mock 2, Ah SXXT good going, I do a couple more series of calls but nothing.
Score yotes 1 hunter 0
Second set up nothing I can see came in, does not mean that I did not see them, just not in my view, I doing so good sounds today
Third Set: nice canyon with a couple of shelf’s in front of me good area, first series, crow is calling back, second series 3 crow are very interested, keeping my eyes peeled, 3 series: have a double coming in, looks like a male and female, male hangs up about 125yrs and sits down, other dog still coming, dog coming in drops down in a draw, take aim at the one hanging up, nice and steady: BANG I missed again, female comes out of the draw and I roll her up, other yote is over the hill.
Score Yote 2 Hunter 1
Forth set: down towards the flats, have a power line cut behind me on a nice down slope to the valley floor, set up, on the 4th series of calls, I have a yote from my right about 6oyds, easy up the rifle, on his chest (you guessed it by now) another miss
Score yotes 3 Hunter 1
Last set: on the edge of the valley floor, great area, lots of sign that they have been moving though here, it is now close to 1pm, last chance. Start calling, I have a hawk diving at me, I am getting my hide bombed by this hawk looking for lunch, I give up on this area, the hawk would not leave me alone, every time I called he was diving on me.
Great day of the calling part, just wish I was able to shoot. Have no idea what was wrong with my shooting. Not going to blame equipment, the nut behind it was having a BAD BAD day. Enjoy the story, I will recover and the yotes will be on stretches


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Re: Good and bad at the same time

Postby hoytshooter » Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:22 am

nice story i was laughing to myself reading the first part about being late then later then realy late. sounds like some pretty good action you had that day tho.
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