Utah Waterfowl slam: A great donation to waterfowl

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Utah Waterfowl slam: A great donation to waterfowl

Postby #1DEER 1-I » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:10 pm


With all the non-transparent groups and conservation organizations, this is one sure way that your money will be well spent. No there's no free guns, money, or other prizes at the end, but isn't having a little fun and trying to complete their "slams", worth helping our waterfowl habitat here in Utah? A pat on the back is not always required or a gimmy, your reward is helping the waterfowl and their habitats in the beautiful state we call home.

This to me is not a waste of money, and if taken right by sportsmen, will be a great, successful program, that could be very beneficial to our wildlife. This is an actual license you can buy that goes directly towards the game you are hunting. The money isn't wasted somewhere else.

For all of you true sporstman who care about our hunting privledges, the animals we hunt, and their habitat, and truly want to see hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation have a bright future, $35 is a reasonable fee for a year to help and show that you would like to ensure the future of our waterfowl (and wildlife). Where all here for one cause.... we love the outdoors, and in a world where our outdoors, habitat, and recreation activities are taking a back seat, I commend the Division for having a good way dedicated sportsman can help the waterfowl we hunt. The $5 stamp is a good idea, I would like to see it too, and a $5 for upland game as well, or a $10 combo stamp. Those would be very beneficial as well and a better way to raise money. But for this year this is how you help our waterfowl, I for one won't get caught up in the "slams" so much as it's $35 that I will spend feeling like I did something to give back to such a wonderful opportunity to hunt waterfowl in our state.
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