Very light weight binos?

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Very light weight binos?

Post by Coyote LJ » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:24 am

Has anyone any experience with very light weight binoculars? I'm looking for something to carry backpacking. Don't want to spend too much either - less than $100 - since they won't get used that often. I know I won't get good quality for cheap, but these will be for casual wildlife viewing along the trail or scoping out the route ahead, not hours of glassing or needing to judge animals in low light. I already have Swarovski EL's for that :) .

I have an old pair of Nikon 8x23 that weigh 9.5 oz and are "decent" enough - I carry them bowhunting and have no real complaints for what they are. But, I'd like to shave at least 3 oz. off that for backpacking, getting down to 5 oz would be even better, IF it's possible within my budget. I just did a quick check on Cabela's website and they don't have anything any lighter than 9 oz. for under $400.

So, any suggestions?


- Dave

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