SFW is not for the average sportsmen

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Re: SFW is not for the average sportsmen

Post by stillhunterman » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:01 am

As to the OP, I find it more than a bit unsettling that a hunting organization would be FOR the transfer of public lands to state control. I can't seem to find any other large hunting/conservation org that has taken this position, as has SFW. I can certainly understand their motives for doing so, as it fits nicely with their ideology, but it still bothers me a great deal.

Some of the other comments in this thread relating to mule deer herd health are interesting, but seem to be regarding the same old reasons of the past several decades as to how to grow our herds and perhaps a bit more out of the box thinking might be in order? We live in a different kind of 'hunting world' now, and it sure can be difficult to wade through. Sad, in my opinion...

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Re: SFW is not for the average sportsmen

Post by ridgetop » Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:35 pm

I don't see the comments of the
Southern Utah chapter of SFW as speaking for the org. as a whole but rather taking a stand against what has been happening with the BLM and ranchers down there in the last few years. Good for them. :thumb
Also, it seems like every time I look at a new map, there are new areas closed down as "wilderness study areas".
That is getting old.
I also see where the BLM and private land owners do land swaps all the time but the public usually doesn't even know it has been happening for years now.
There's always next year

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Re: SFW is not for the average sportsmen

Post by MuleyMadness » Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:44 pm

perhaps a bit more out of the box thinking might be in order?
Any suggestions? I'm all ears
As for the original question here is SFW's statement, which at the current state I have NO problem with at all...
http://sfw.net/2015/03/21/sfw-comments- ... -transfer/

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Re: SFW is not for the average sportsmen

Post by dahlmer » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:35 pm

#1DEER 1-I wrote:The problem is none of those questions are relevant to the conversation, you're changing the subject and trying to use irrelevant questions to prove what point? You bring up antler size in your previous post then deny what you are interested in, trophy quality. Trophy mentality is what has driven hunting to a real money and politics game. It isn't in the end going to be good for the sport. Odd how buck numbers have grown substantially the last few years and SFW still doesn't want to let more tags out, but instead are pushing for higher:buck doe ratios on general units. General units as of last year were headed for odds of 50% chance with one point, we gave a little, now we'll give a lot. One point used to guarantee you a tag on a GS unit, there's a good possibility you'll wait another year for that opportunity now. I love big bucks too, but they're always around you just have to look for them and be dedicated enough to find them, suppressing tag numbers isn't necessary in most cases, unless of course your management thoughts are more big bucks and bucks around every corner. We can control the amount of bucks we see easily, the more complicated part is controlling the deer population itself, which we are failing to do a good job of.
I don't think it is irrelevant to ask you to provide some background and context for your argument.

Just so you know I am 40 and a lifetime resident of Utah. I hunt mule deer, elk and sometimes antelope in multiple states. I consider myself some combination of the trophy and sportman stage. I typically won't harvest a deer that doesn't meet my definition of a trophy, but occasionally the mood will strike me just right and will shoot something less than my "goal," Currently 170+ gross.

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