7 points for next year in WY, what unit to apply?

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7 points for next year in WY, what unit to apply?

Postby CGeminski » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:33 am

Hey Guys... I have 7 non resident points for next years rifle mule deer draw in Wyoming. I am starting my research early and starting to look into possible areas to apply for. This will be an open country hunt... breaks, coulees, etc, not a wilderness hunt (I will also have a pronghorn tag). I have a few units I have been considering for mules, but wanted to see if other non-resident hunters had any advice or experience on the best units to look at with 7 points. I currently have a 160 4x4 taken in MT on the wall and I am looking for something at least as big or preferably bigger. I am not looking for anyones honey hole, just some general information on units, thanks for your input.
Chris Geminski
Long Island, NY

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