Thanksgiving in Florida

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Thanksgiving in Florida

Postby hound_hunter » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:38 pm

Well it's not often that I have anything to contribute to the site much these days, but I might as well share my small successes as they come ;) I spent Thanksgiving in Florida, the house down there is great & has a little boat dock in the backyard, naturally my mind is on fishing. I dig around in the garage and find some old dusty/broken fishing rods and an old cigar box that was used as a tackle box, all left from a grandfather who is long passed. After getting the poles working I found a little tackle shop that luckily was open on Thanksgiving day, they recommended using live shrimp so I bought a dozen. These stinkin little fish kept eating my live shrimp instead of something bigger that I was hoping would be large enough to eat, so duly motivated with anger & curiosity, I chopped the next little guy in half that stole my shrimp and threw him back out!
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I went back inside to help with some of the Thanksgiving cooking, and came back out so stoked to find that I had some weight on the end of my line! I called my girlfriend outside and asked her if she would reel in that pole for me while I reeled in the other cause I was done for the night, and then she started making one of those high pitched noises women make while saying "I think one's on here!!" haha. It was pretty funny, and I was so stoked to see that it was a pretty nice sized Speckled Sea Trout! A fish I never knew existed til I got to Virginia a few years ago, and one I've been trying to catch ever since I heard about them. I was pumped at this point!
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Long story short, it meant a lot to me to be able to spend a little bit of time fishing finally, I caught 2 catfish, a small stingray, and a few more baitfish, so only had the trout to eat, but boy was it delicious! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

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