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Swap Hunts

Postby TheGreatwhitehunter » Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:44 pm

::wel everyone to the Swap Hunt section of Muley Madness. This section is for swapping or trading hunts with other Muley Madness members. Swapping hunts with fellow hunters is a great way to hunt other areas, states and sometimes even other countries(ex. Canada) for different species of big game, small game and sometimes fishing. For those of you unfamiliar with swap hunts you are offering to trade a hunt for a species of animal be it whitetail deer, elk, antelope, pheasants etc. . . in trade for a hunt that interests you.

Remember a swap hunt is simply having someone come hunt with you in exchange for you to go hunt with them. There are also instances where people may trade items of monetary value in exchange for access to property for the purpose of hunting or to be guided on a hunt. Although this is still a swap hunt be aware that some states have laws regarding what may be traded for a hunt unless the person receiving the value is a licensed guide or outfitter. The rule of thumb is to take someone hunting in exchange to go hunting with them, trading items of monetary value for hunting may or may not be legal in your state.

I myself have swapped a variety of hunts and have met some great people in the process, while being able to hunt new areas in other states. I have swapped several antelope, mule deer, white tail hunts and even a bear hunt. As a result of swapping hunts I have made some very good friends and on one particular swap hunt helped a good friend take a whitetail buck of a lifetime. The deer is currently in the top 20 Non-Typical whitetails ever killed in the Boone and Crockett books.

Swapping hunts is a great opportunity to experience more hunts and meet fellow hunters who share our passion. Just remember to use good judgment before offering or receiving a swap hunt, know the specifics of what is legal and what you are offering and are expected to receive in return.

Happy hunting :)


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