Late November NM 6C Cow Tags

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Late November NM 6C Cow Tags

Postby Komelika » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:29 pm

My BIL will be with me on his first hunt this year. I have very little experience myself and this is only my second Elk hunt. Anyone have any experience in the Valle Calderas area of 6C. I had a chance to scout around a bit today with my BIL. We saw a nice bull pushing a herd of about 40 cows in the South West side of the Calderas by NM4. I'm thinking that area will be pretty heavily hunted. 6C is a huge unit with about 115 tags, but the Valle Calderas Wildlife Reserve borders are going to be popular. There is a lot of burn scar South of that area with a few rugged canyons and some Pine patches so I think searching the roads for heavy crossing signs and then tracking them into the trees may be a decent strategy based on some tips that I am reading.

Any other experiences from areas further North or East in that unit? Thanks and good luck on your hunts!

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