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Get em closer

Postby slickride33 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:21 am

I am newer to bow hunting, third season. I live in SW Colorado (hunting is one of the many reason's my wife and I moved here) and my dad raised me living the Colorado lifestyle. Almost every time I get out to bow hunt on the weekends I have some sort of awesome encounter with elk. Last year I called in a couple of cows within range (so exciting), but I really want to take a bull as my first harvest with a bow.

So I was wondering what is the trick to get the bulls to come in the extra hundred yards? I can get them in the area, but I just can't get a peak at them. Last year I had three different bulls that all sounded within a 100 yards but never saw one. This happened almost every weekend of the season. I have tried to hunt with friends, but they all seem to know nothing about hunting. Example, had a friend who was going to just blow the cow call for me. We were on the ridge and a bull 200 yards below us. I was behind a tree on the ground glassing him and my (expletives) friend was on the cliff out in the open glassing him. Needless to say the bull stuck around for about 18.35 seconds. He is no longer invited to hunt with me and I warned a co worker about hunting with this guy last season and my co workers story is even better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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