For the new members...PLEASE READ

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For the new members...PLEASE READ

Postby AGCHAWK » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:10 am

WELCOME TO MULEYMADNESS! As the various western states start releasing their respective draw results we tend to have a huge jump in membership on the site so I thought I'd throw this out there.

If you are new to MuleyMadness I will tell you right from the start, the members of this site are some of the most generous, good natured folks you'll find on any hunting related forum. They are also always ready to help a fellow hunter out in their quest to fill their tags and bring home that buck/bull/boar/tom of a lifetime.

However, please take some time to sign in on the thread entitled "MULEYMADNESS ROLL CALL" which can be found in the "Mule Deer forum". Tell us a little about yourself, your interested as far as the outdoors, and where you are from. It helps us all out by getting to know you a little bit and maybe, just maybe, you may be able to help out another member while at the same time getting the information you are seeking. The forums work best when there is a little give and take...not just "pop in" and take.

Lastly, please stick around and contribute to the site. Bring along your scouting reports as the spring and summer rolls along (These may every well help out another member also), add to the various conversations, and post some pics and stories from past hunts....and remember to tell us how the hunt went afterwards!

Brett works VERY HARD to keep this site up and running and we have members that contribute year-around and it's simply not fair to them when someone "pops in", asks for information, and then leaves without EVER contributing to the site or the folks mentioned above.

It doesn't have to be about deer or elk either. There are seasons all year long like Spring Turkey, Spring Bear, 'yote busting, fishing, Pronghorn, and MANY other outdoor activities that we are interested in and have forums set up for....something for all times of year and all outdoor activities.

So...please take the time to get to know us here on the site and allow us to get to know you. I have made some awesome friends here over the years and you will too...and who knows, one of those friends may one day hold the key to that buck or bull of a lifetime that you've been lookin' for. You will never know unless you stick around and become a "true member" of

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Re: For the new members...PLEASE READ

Postby Mr.BELL » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:10 pm

Brett and Muleymaddness group;
I've been out of the hunting seen for too many years.(15) My boys wanted to start hunting now they're graduating from college. I tried to teach them to pay now and play later. I just drew a Utah Archery Deer tag after putting into the draw 2 years, I'm psyched.
I just brushed the dust off my bow, and shooting like crazy. I've hunted most of the central mountains, and the Uintah's. I would be happy to give old info. and report on new findings.
P.S. I'm 53 y.o. so I don't hike as fast as I used to.

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Re: For the new members...PLEASE READ

Postby Diamondrock » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:42 pm

I'm not what I would call an avid hunter, but I've been hunting in Northern Nevada since the early '80's, I guess. Shot a few forkies and a few doe with my Springfield 30.06 and later with my Winchester 280 improved, but it really just wasn't much of a challenge. The last doe I shot, with my Winchester, I dropped where she stood nearly 500 yards away. Me and my in-laws started archery hunting in the mid to late '80's, but we didn't have a clue what we were doing as far as the archery part went, especially when it came to broadhead tuning, so we were unsuccessful. Four years ago I decided to start hunting again with my bow. I pulled my Martin Golden Eagle down from the garage wall and started to practice. My eye sight had deteriorated to 20/400 and I felt like I needed all the help I could get. I started researching the new bows and ended up getting a hunt ready Diamond The Rock package. It gave me almost twice the speed of my old Martin and a lot more kinectic energy; just what I needed! I started practicing like crazy for my first archery hunt in about 15 years or so. I drew an area that was extremely hard to hunt due to it's many Russian Olive thickets and dense brush; it's the only place I've been in my entire life that has deer running around all over the place and no droppings anywhere! I was unsuccessful that year but it was a great experience. That was almost four years ago. Last year I got my first archery buck and he was a dandy! It's going to be real hard to beat what I did last year. By the way I'm no Spring Chicken either at 57, but I do pretty darn well keeping up with my hunting buddies that are in their 20's.

Good luck to you all in the coming season!
Diamond - The Rock, 60LB at 26" draw, 369 grains at 250fps - Love it! :)

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