TSX vs Accubond

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Re: TSX vs Accubond

Post by waspocrew » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:29 am

The TTSX just looks cool too :thumb

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Re: TSX vs Accubond

Post by NewMexhunter » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:12 pm

I have never shot Nosler but I have shot the barnes I've killed two cow elk one with a .270 and the other with a .308. Both elks dropped with one shot. Completely destroyed the lungs on both of them was like a jelly when I opened them up.

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Re: TSX vs Accubond

Post by lancetkenyon » Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:30 pm

TTSX fan here too.

I shot my 2012 mulie buck at 488 yds. quartering with a .25-06 AI and a 100gr. TTSX @ 3598fps. The bullet entered the right shoulder, passed through taking out both lungs and exited the left hip. Buck did not take a single step.

Calculations show the bullet should have still been somewhere around 2300fps, and retained 1150ft/lbs. of kinetic energy at that range. My rifle also holds about a 5" group at 600 yds, but shoots sub-1/2 MOA at 100 yds. I can ring an 8" steel plate at 830 yds. 90% of the time too, depending on winds, sometimes 10 for 10. I would consider that accurate enough for a hunting bullet.

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Re: TSX vs Accubond

Post by coloradobone » Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:08 pm

I am certainly no ballistics expert but a friend helped me work up a load of the TTSX for my 300 winchester in 168 grain before last season (2012). I had an elk and deer tag for colorado. Put a rush shot on a mulie the first day of season and hit it a little far back but it worked him over pretty good. Was quartering to me and passed through the endire body and exited the hind quarter. He made it another 20 yards and I finished him with a second shot to be safe; he was looking wobbly though. Never got a chance to take an elk with the bullet but it seems to me that they may be zipping through the deer a little too fast. Shot a yearling doe last day of season here in WV with the same load and the thing ran 40 yards. Same story with a couple other deer I have also shot with this load. Of course the deer are dying but I like to see maximum concusion and the deer stiffen up in its tracks. Maybe a tail flicker at best before he expires.

Anyway with that being said I used 150 gr nosler partitions in my 7mm mag for years and cant recall more than a deer or two that even took more than one step and those were likely because of poor shot placement which is bound to happen over a decade of hunting. Since the Accubond is similar in design to the partition I plan to work up a load this year for my 300 win mag in 180 gr. accubonds and see what they do.

So did the TTSX shoot good? Absolutely! Sub MOA all day. 1" 3 shot group at 200yds. But I have been hearing and reading great things about the Accubonds and have decided to give them a try. Next elk season I will have them strapped in my magazine provided they give me the grouping and numbers I am looking for. Plus I have had people tell me and have also read on other threads that the Accubonds will shoot identically to the nosler balistic tips. If the partitions had as good of a BC and they grouped better I would be uning them; in fact I may try to work up a load with them in 180gr. You cannot beat the shock power and energy that comes for a nosler partition.


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