AZ area 7 mule deer

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AZ area 7 mule deer

Postby IRAhunter » Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:48 pm

Luck to be drawn for deer this year. Scouting areas east, west and north of Parks (7W) mostly east and north. So far haven't found a shooter. Frustrating cause I've seen them in the area while scouting other game. Opening day is approaching, Nov.1, and I'll resume scouting next weekend after cow elk closes. Didn't want to ruin someones hunt this week. Any info (coordinates or land marks) regarding sightings would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: AZ area 7 mule deer

Postby Bberan31 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:16 am

To be quite honest, it will be tough in 7W... It snowed already in northern az, so they are moving south. I was drawn for 8 this year, and start tomorrow morning 4am. I will be looking as far south as Sycamore Canyon through the base of 8. Best bet is to find a vantage south of the rim in your unit and glass them down out of the rim till they bed.
As for 7, I would tell you that it will be tough to determine how far south they have moved from the rim of the Grand Canyon... That unit is always a craps shoot. I would personally glass from the highest northern point in 7, with my eyes south. Good Luck, Shoot 'um straight!

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