Importance of camo

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Re: Importance of camo

Post by wingmaster36 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:13 am

Necessary no, helpful yes. Since I'm primarily a duck hunter I believe camo to be important if you are hunting fields for waterfowl, but not for big game when you are wearing all that blaze orange stuff. Nat Gear is my choice if I wear camo because of it's openess.
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Re: Importance of camo

Post by AJ » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:48 pm

WillysDad wrote:
AJ wrote:That also is a big debate among seasoned hunters. At one time I thought it was an asset, now, I know differently.
Share what you know A.J. =D>
Think of activate charcoal as a sponge. It can only hold a finite amount. Once you fill it up, its just a jacket or pants. A clothes dryer will not get hot enough to "re-activate" it as it takes 600-900°F to re-activate charcoal. Nothing that we can wear will withstand that temp, well, nothing that will be quiet in the woods. Anyhoo, if you think about it on a 5 day hunt, unless you have 5 different changes of clothes, you are wearing the same stinky clothes at least 2x. I still have had critters wind me when I wear my 3-d leafy Scent-Lok suit as when I am wearing my regular jackets/pants.

The biggest odor emitter of the body has to be the mouth/nose. You are inhaling/exhaling constantly and you are spreaking the scent of what you last ate or drank, or who knows what. Scent control clothes will not help much in this situation. As you huff and puff going up and over ridge after ridge chasing bullwinkle, you sweat and emit odors. You have to play the wind in order to get in close.

Scent control clothing does 2 things. It reduces the weight in your wallet allowing you to walk farther, it makes the manufacturers rich so they can go on multiple hunts of a lifetime. :>/

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Re: Importance of camo

Post by m gardner » Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:34 am

Neutral earth tone clothes with a soft finish. Wrinkly is better as the shadows break up your outline. Learning to read the wind, studying your prey, shooting well and knowing how to move and track and read sign are the key. But boy oh boy do I look good in Mossy Oak Brush camo! :)) :)) Look just like Michael Waddell. Except I'm old, grey, wrinkly and wear glasses. :)) :)) I could've been a movie star.
But the real importance of camo is that some folks got rich selling it.

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Re: Importance of camo

Post by Buck Fever » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:31 pm

i would say that i wear it most of the time mainly because its comfortable and most brands are made for hiking,climbing etc.. I can't stand something that restricts my legs, but camo necessary no!! You might see me in a white t-shirt sometimes. (???)
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Re: Importance of camo

Post by silvertip-co » Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:50 am

I'm sure Bill Jordan feels its extremely important. As well he should. :)

I wear as much camo as I can whenever I hunt anything. But I really dont care what brand type or pattern it is. Most of the camo patterns are just so much marketing bs and people tryin to be Bill Jordan. Even some Christian camo companies out there, but I dont get the correlation. I hardly think JC was wearin camo loincloth when he was crucified. US Army camo works as well as any and is available anywhere cheap. I dont have tan camo but if I hunted like AZ or NV or some high desert area I might. A lot of my stuff is ol Trebark camo thats wore thin and looks shabby but I can call bulls in to 45feet so I dont think they notice. Nor do they notice my mandatory blaze orange hat and vest(no blaze camo allowed here). When I hunted with Realtree folks two yrs ago they gave us all samples so I got way more camo than I need. Last yr I bought some camo stuff from Cabela's in wifes sizes for her to wear. I guess if I hunted dead of winter some white camo might be ok.

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