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Post by NotEnufTags » Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:33 pm


I am just wondering others opinions down south where they have had the 5 day hunt in effect. I know since they started it, I have seen the quality of deer get alot better. Have any others seen this, or seen differently. I was realy disapointed to see it changed back. I thought it realy helped the herd

I'm for the shorter rifle hunt. Muzzle loader is my preferred hunt, but the rifle is a nice dedicated hunter opportunity to continue looking for a big one.

We had a new group come into the canyon we normally hunt. We typically have 5 tags and have enjoyed sharing the canyon with one to five other hunters that come and go from year to year. This year a kid with a dedicated hunter tag saw me field dressing my big buck on the second day of the muzzle loader. He had seen my brother field dress his the day before and decided that the cnayon was a great hunting spot. It is, but I wish he didn't know it, because come the rifle hunt he came back with twenty of his "best" friends and their tags. I quote "best" because he didn't even know the names of some of the people in his camp.

They shot the crap out of the bucks in the canyon. Spikes, twos and threes, and a couple of nice 25" four points. Including mine and my brothers bucks, 11 bucks were taken out of "my" hunting canyon. It's a small area maybe 1.5 square miles. I really worry about its future. As for the 5 day hunt it definitely would be better for the area I hunt.

A longer hunt will only compound the death toll.
"Some day I'll scout out a monster, spot him while hunting, make the stalk of a lifetime, and have dreams come true. 'Til then I'll be happy with the buck in my cross-hairs."

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