Colorado units: 68, 70, 72, & 80

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Colorado units: 68, 70, 72, & 80

Postby skyleralan » Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:34 pm

All right, I am NEW and this is my first post! I am from Iowa and I am an avid whitetail and turkey hunter (if you have any whitetail questions or midwest hunting questions don't hesitate to ask). I have always traveled out west to Colorado twice a year for skiing in the Winter and hiking/atving in the Summer.

I have never hunted Colorado and in the past year got really interested in a back pack muzzleloader mule deer hunt. Myself and a couple of buddies are interested in apply as a group. We are looking at the above units that I listed, all 4 units a 1pt. preference pt. required to draw for a nonres. I was interested in talking to some of you westerners who have hunted those units and which would be best for an early muzzleloader hunt (I know mule deer typically are still at higher ranges during the summer/early fall and wanted to be in a unit that would still be holding deer). We would all like a year to plan and get things in order so the 1pt. restriction isn't a big deal, but we also don't want to wait til years to draw either!

Also, what is the deal with Unit 60, it is small and along the Utah border and it takes no points to draw, does that unit have any prospects for September and muzzleloaders season? I know Unit 61 is a heck of a unit and it borders unit 60 to the Northeast.

Thanks in advance guys! I am an avid bowhunter, but with never hunting mule deer don't want to take my chances in getting into bow range on a mulie (never attempt spot and stalks hardly ever here in Iowa).

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