utah general deer muzzy...

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utah general deer muzzy...

Postby nvbowhunting » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:55 pm

Looking to hunt the general Muzzy deer next year... I`ve got 3 NR points... Want to get into the high country and find some decent bucks... Any ideas? I`m willing to hike as far as is needed to find some bucks... What units would you suggest?

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Re: utah general deer muzzy...

Postby derekp1999 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:16 pm

Going by the 2012 numbers with 3 preference points you should have no problem drawing the unit of your choice for a muzzleloader tag.
The units on the southern end of the state tend to be more popular and tend to have a greater reputation... units like Panguitch Lake, Mt. Dutton, Pine Valley, Beaver, Zion, and Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowitz lead the list.
I hunt up north and have never been on any of these units but they are the most coveted statistically. If you really like the high country you could take a look at the North Slope or South Slope units... neither are overly coveted but the High Uinta's Wilderness is just that... high and wilderness. Guys pull some nice bucks out of there every year.

The nice thing about deer is that with a little extra effort you can take a nice buck on ANY unit in this state.
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