Last hunt of the season.

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Last hunt of the season.

Postby maintguy47 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:36 pm

Due to a great personal loss (my aunt who raised me) I haven't hunted are fished this year. But the second week of Feb I'm headed down to some old stomping grounds for the peak of the rut on Eglin AFB in Fl. Gonna spend 10 days in the swamps just me and my muzzle loader. Looking forward to capping three or four whitetail and maybe a hog or two. Gonna set a trout line are two and harvest mess of those fat bellied flat heads that roam in and out of the slews off of the yellow river. Nothing like a fresh fried catfish and hush puppies after a hard day of swamp tromppen. Unless maybe a pan full of rainbows and taters n onions after ridge running for wapiti. Any way she would always wish me good times but bad luck on the harvest of any particular critter I was giving chase to. Once we were at cabin up in the mountains of NM and a bear chased me back from the out house into the cabin. Got the door shut but it commenced to trying to get in there with us so I grabbed my 30 ought and raised the rifle in anticipation only to be attacked from behind with a large soup ladle. All I heard between the ladle whapping on my noggin and the bear tearing up the front porch was her yelling you ain't gonna kill no critters around me. I hollerd at her between blows if you'll stop hitting me on my head I'll put my gun down and take my chances with the bear. I'm gonna miss her.

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