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nice shed

Post by MNbogboy » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:28 pm

Whitetail shed hunting in MN & WI was the pits last spring in our areas in northern MN & WI due to harsh winters and extreme winterkill in the winters of 2012-13 & 13-14...We did find a few out west this fall...My middle son and I had a two day hunt in Deer M A164 WY (which was the only area open at the time) in early october picking up a couple of smaller mulies and a couple of sheds..Our plans were to hunt closer to the Big Horns as usual..Last year we took 3 nice mulies in the high country in Deer R...John's work schedule as a boiler maker only offered him a couple of days and we made the best of it....
On the othe hand my oldest son Jim and his B-I-L and two of their friends were able to hunt later in the month in the high country...Jim took this 173 inch green gross buck on their first day, but things even got better...His brother in law bagged a 195+ inch (green gross) buck including a bunch of stickers and junk....The two other guys who we also hunted with last year got a 150 and a 166....Sure was a good week to be in the mountains....Jim found the shed in the picture while stalking the 166 buck that one of the guys ended up getting......But this is the only picture I have at the moment...I have been trying to get the picture of all the bone they got including sheds and will post it when I do....
Took this picture at our shack in WI....Jims mulie and the 90+ inch shed he found when they were stalking the 166 inch buck!
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Re: nice shed

Post by MuleyMadness » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:32 pm

Thanks for sharing Randy, sounds amazing and that's a sweet shed in this photo for sure plus that buck just looks good also.

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