Arizona Unit 27 mule deer hunt

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Arizona Unit 27 mule deer hunt

Postby swampdog112 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:27 pm

Im planning my first archery mule deer hunt in unit 27 for January 2019. I’ve read over everything I can find on the unit on the G&F website and have scoured the forums for everything I could find. Was hoping some of you guys may have some advice for good places to set up camp? We’ll be in a wall tent as one of my buddies that’s going to be going is getting a bit too old to be backpack hunting. I was hoping to find somewhere to set up where he could hunt within a 30 minute walk or so of camp. I’m planning to bring my backpacking gear and will probably spike out for a few nights aways out as that is how I prefer to hunt.

I’ve found 4 main areas south of the rim that all look appealing to me, I’m just hoping to find a good spot to set up camp where my buddy will have a chance to get into some deer.

I'm actually driving from Oklahoma tomorrow morning (6/30/2018) to go do some pre-scouting for campsites/hunting areas. If anyone would be willing to share some general info I'd love to check them out while I'm down there.

Thanks in advance and feel free to PM me.

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