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  • Colorado 36 Hunting Unit

    Colorado 36 Hunting Unit

    GMUID: 36
    SQMILES: 275.13898083
    SHAPEarea: 712609539.483
    ACRES: 176088.94773321
    SHAPElen: 163796.667043
    ELKDAU: E-12
    BEARDAU: B-11
    LIONDAU: L-6
    DEERDAU: D-8
    ANTDAU: A-99


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    1. Species: ex: Mule Deer

      Terrain: ex: High Altitude, Rocky Terrain

      Unit Report:

      Be Descriptive! Describe the area, things to do, things not to do, areas of interest, wildlife habits etc. Things that a hunter headed to the area for the first time would want to know.

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