12 and 14 year olds success.



I am 14 years old and live in Montana. I shot this buck with a 220
in Rosebud County.
Our friend let us hunt on his land by Colstrip. We went there
noon just to ask him if we could hunt, he said yes and showed us
around. We
seen a lot of deer. We told him we would come back later on and hunt.
arrived there at three o’clock that afternoon. We drove around and
passed up
several bucks. We started walking and seen a bunch of seven bucks in a
group. My 12 year old brother shot the biggest one out of there. He
was a
4×5 26 inches wide. We decided to drag him back and keep looking. We
about 500 yards and seen another bunch of deer. We stopped and looked
them. One buck was walking toward us with his head down and he looked
pretty nice. So I decided to shoot him. Just before I pulled the
trigger he
put his head up and I couldn’t believe it. He went down right away. I
couldn’t believe that I got a deer that big.


Hey Colton,

Congradulations to you and your brother on a couple of super bucks!!! You’re gonna have a tough time toppin that one you got there. But that’s what makes if fun. Trying… Nevermind the butthead posted here! He’s just jealous that you killed a buck twice as big as anything he’ll ever shoot. I bet you’re still really excited.


Hey there thats a couple of monster muleys. I am now 15 and have been hunting since I was 8 and have yet to even see a deer that big.(even in the off season) Congrats to both of you and good luck to you this coming season.

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