29" 5×5 Mulie, 178 1/8" Net


Nigel Montano

I harvested this nice big buck(toad)in Northeastern New Mexico during the first 2009 rifle hunt, I spotted him a few hundred yards away bedded down in the middle of the day when descided he was worth gettin a closer look at, the wind was perfect & enabled me to get within 20 yards of him & all i could see was the back of his head. I then waited for a little over an hour & half for him to stand up and present me a much better shot with my Ruger 7mm. I was all pumped up when i harvested him, its been some of the best tender eaten venison i’ve ever had before.


i bet! i just got my first buck last year and it was amazing! i shot him in yankee if u know where thats at. where are u from?

Jimmy Davis

Great buck with a great story! I am glad to see New Mexico still has a few big bucks. I have been hunting in New mexico hear whear I live for about 27 years and it has been a goood 15 years sinc i have evean seen a nice buck like this.

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