I’ve seen it, I’ve held it, Look in your B&C book! #34 Non-Typ. Just shy of 52" Wide, Mains 30-4" & 31-6" Inside Spread 26-5" H1’s 6-5", 6-3" Widest in B&C Book All Time! 12 X 10 Net 288-6" Chama, NM 1962


Chandler Cutler

Hey Honcho54 where u pulling all those numbers out? your arse? Sounds like the one who actually knows about this buck is Aly Matthews you should have left it to her (or him) to tell people the real deal on this buck. BS gets spread two ways: cowboys and people like you.


I think I have seen this rack or at least one just like it at Anglers and Antlers taxidermy in Montana. They had a the real rack which was about 50 years old and taken from an old mans barn (after he passed away)in eastern montana. They mad a new fabrication of it that looked so real and looked just like this one, so the storey is true bucks like this do exist.


Chama land and cattle company, Chama New Mexico. still see Big Bucks in NM. Look at the one that was taken in September Of this year, On the Governer’s Tag.


It’s in the books, probably the 2nd most famous buck of all time and you’ve never heard of it? MUNDY buck! It was on Ebay for sale just a few days ago, but doubt it is till up. Pretty cheap price also. 🙂


Who ever considers themselves a serious hunter and accouses this picture of being photo shopped needs to get slapped, this is a picture is of the Mundy buck shot out of NM, so everybody shut your mouthes and enjoy the picture!


I lived on the Mundy ranch in 1984-1986 and that buck hung in my living room. I hear they’ve sold it now that Bill has passed away. That’s really not a very good picture of it, just the wrong angle I guess, it doesn’t show how wide it is. It’s real alright!

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