Chontae Thompson’s 1st Muley, Utah.



"I shot my first buck a week into the 2003 Utah
archery season. He is a nice 4×3 20 inches wide and 20
inches tall. I missed him with my first arrow at 35
yards when my arrow struck the top wire on a barbwire
fence. He stopped and gave me a second shot at 50
yards and this time the arrow found its mark. I have
only been shooting a bow for about 2 years. He is a
monster to me."


I jsut got the head mount back last week. It’s the best mount I have ever seen. Taxidermy by Bear Claw Taxidermy in Spring City, Utah


I shot my first Oregon black tail with my bow. he was a 3-4 with 19 inch spread. But I really want to shoot a muley great deer.

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