Dan Beck – California

Hello, I’m sending two photos for your web page. One is from the field and one is after he was mounted. He received an official B&C Score of 180 4/8 and for a Rocky Mountain Mule Deer from Northern California is just awesome. He is only one of nine Typical Mule Deer to score that high from the Golden State. I was hunting in zone X3-B in Sept of 04. Our part was seeing a lot of sign and we were anxious for Opening to come around. We had almost a full moon that lit up everything that evening so I went out really early Saturday morning. In the moonlight I walked to a vantage point and sat down to wait for the sun to rise. Sunrise came and after several hours I walked to a new location. I crept up over a small rise and spotted 2 deer one 2×2 and one doe. They were only 20 yrd away so I had to be very quiet and move slowly. They were just feeding in the shade of several small oak trees, then I another deer move from behind a larger evergreen. WOW….Now that’s a deer…my heart began pounding, my glassed fogged up as I tried to position myself on the rocks without making a sound because they were soo close. I waited for about 5 minutes while the other deer got out of the shooting lane, that was the one of the longest 5 minutes of my life. I finally got the perfect shot thru the heart and he went 20 feet and was down. His mass didn’t really hit me until I walked up to him, WOW…Again…Well, he is a beautiful creature that reside in our home as long as there are hunters in the family.