Jeremy Perkins – Utah



you’re rigth probably only scores 170 but he is 32 inches wide and has 3.5 and 4inch eye guards. I’ve hunted my whole life hard, grew up in Panguicth Utah Grandpa has 3 deer in the books, dad has killed about 15 30 inch bucks. and truth be told a 30 inch buck is HUGE. Regardless of his score. Now days everybody is caught up in the 200 inch mark, a few issues back of Muley Crazy Mag talk about this same issue. Bottome line is the hunter who killed this deer is 38 years old it’s his FIRST 30 inch deer. I’m 27 and have still yet to hit the 30 inch mark. It’s a very high accomplishment to hit the 30 inch mark. WAY to go ARNOLD

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