Joe & Connie Roberts – 2007 Cranbrook B.C.

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Yes it is. long time old man so what have u been up to over the years still hunting i see thats cool. i miss hunting i get out once and a while here and there with my buds hows chris doing. so i have a few questions to ask mostly about health i have polythecima its a form of blood cancer i have to get treated every month at the hospital they say its haretitary so how is your health and do u have what i do aswell i dont even really no what all to say to you i do remember alot of shit that happend in the past and i still get pissed about it and alot of it wasent just u it was chris aswell but in not going to go into details on the computer so if you leave your number or something maybe we can chat bout it ne g2g ttyl

Daniel Ray Schafer

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