Sand Shark – 2005 Alaska



I think it is completley unfair to catch a shark!!!!!! did they do any thing to you? 4 people are killed every year by sharks, 40,000,000 sharks are killed by humans every year. THe ocean is their home we should not bother them.

Weston W, Gleave

I think it is completely unfair that teenaged CHILDREN in our own country get so possessed and corrupt that they shoot to kill other innocent citizens for no cause. Why don’t we start with adresseing that issue before we go harassing people who follow the laws?

or if you’re so set on animals, which I have nothing wrong with, then how about the poachers throughout the world who are the ones behind animal extinction and true animal cruelty.

By the way, great pic, thanks for sharing! I’ll bet that was a blast hooking onto a sand shark


Natalia Singer this have nothing 2 do with the pic but how hot r u and do u think that about all kind of fish do u think that they should all not be bother with by the way nice shark good pic keeep it up

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