Shannon Straley, CO



Shannon Straley again sending in a recent photo taken of the muley I got in October 2003 in my home state of Colorado.† I just got the mount back from the taxidermist yesterday.† He is the 10 X 8 muley that you have me holding on page 4 of your photo album.


The wall he is temporarily hanging on in my basement in this picture will kind of give a perspective of how big he is, the studs are 16 inches apart and that sheet of dry wall from the seem to the ceiling is 4 1/2 foot high. One more year and I am sure he would have been bigger, if he would have made it that long!!!


Shannon, I agree. That is an amazing buck. Great height, awesome forks, beautiful box frame, extras, width and a dropper. Crud what more could a guy ask for?

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