This 7×7 bull scores around 340 B&C , I shot it in his bed at 218 yards with a Remington .300 ultra mag.† The bull came out

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Eric….nice bull! I live in Western Washington and do my elk hunting in eastern WA, but my area is spike only unless your one of the lucky special tag holders. Is it draw in the Blues? That’s the third nice bull I’ve seen come out of there this year. Good job


Why is it that you guys think he was spot lighting? Have you never shot an animal right before dark from say across a canyon or something. When you get over to it the sun has gone down. Of course he had a special permit. Givethe guy some benefit of the doubt. Nice bull Congratulations!


That’s a great Bull!!! To bad that you tried to share it with us and received those comments about spot lighting…I would think that the next time you shoot something, you’ll probably think twice about showing it, especially with such non-sportsmanlike comments as you received!!! Thats terrible!!! Anyhow, great Bull, and I will thank you for the curtousy of letting me view it. Great Job!!!

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