Elk Hunting the West, The Eastman Way


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Elk Hunting the West, the Eastman Way is the definitive source about hunting one of the West’s most popular big-game species – the majestic Elk.

Growing up and living with the largest elk herd in the lower 48 has allowed Mike Eastman the opportunity to gain an extensive amount of elk behavior and hunting knowledge. Now Mike is sharing all of his secrets in his newest book, Elk Hunting the West, the Eastman Way.

Elk Hunting the West, the Eastman Way is an elk hunting how-to manual, which includes many proven strategies and tips, public land hot spots throughout the West. Hunt stories, and great color photos that make it truly one-of-a-kind. Mike has also included an instructional DVD supplement to visually reinforce little known elk behavior, plus bonus kill scenes on trophy elk.

1. Research and Scouting.
2. Elk Behavior- phases of the rut.
3. Late season hunting.
4. Calling strategies.
5. Equipment-archery and rifle.
6. Rack bracketing/scoring.
7. Public land high country areas.
8. Supplemental DVD included with book.
9. Over 300 pages, hardcover.


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