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Antelope Hunting DVD

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If you’re an American antelope enthusiast, a consummate trophy hunter, or an outdoorsman this video is a must have.

“Size Is Everything” details the art of field judging while showcasing a grand total of 20 monster pronghorn that score 90-inches or better. Tony Grimmett, arguably the greatest pronghorn hunter and guide of his time, with nearly seventy 90-inch antelope to his credit, gives a one on one seminar to show you the techniques that have helped him produce the B&C WORLD’S RECORD and the TOP 5 pronghorn in the SCI RECORD BOOK! If you buy one video this year buy the one that will help you break into the record books. Buy, “Size Is Everything: Big Antelope and How to Score ‘Em!”

What you’ll see in the video:

  • Two years of a buck 21-inches in length
  • Two years of a 97-inch buck
  • Two years of the New Mexico State Record
  • 20 bucks over 90-inches
  • The Best Field Judging Seminar available on video


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