Taxidermist Located in Alaska

  D & D Fishworks

We are your specialty fish replica source. We only use state of the art materials to ensure an artistic attention to detail for your trophy. The final result is much more than a fish mount, it's an original piece of art to enjoy forever!

  Trophy Tanning & Taxidermy Inc. 

Our company has two divisions.  A fur dressing plant and a taxidermy studio.  We are dedicated to serving our customers in a professional manner and producing top quality products.     We tan and mount all big game. Moose Sheep Caribou, Mountain Goat and Musk Ox. Also, grizzly, brown and black bear and african species.

  Ram Enterprises

Alaska Big Game Trophies for sale or trade. Skins, antlers, horns, complete lifesize mounts... If you need it, we can help! Bear, sheep, caribou, moose, mountain goat, bison, musk ox, deer, lynx, wolf, fox, wolverine, small game and birds. African and other North American trophies also available.

  Tall Tales Taxidermy

Home of the award winning Taxidermist Yukon E. Grubaugh -African & Asian -North American Game -Tanning -Shoulder Mounts -Lifesize Mounts -Pedestal Mounts -Rugs -Birds

  Kodiak Taxidermy

Kodiak Taxidermy is a full service taxidermy shop that produces some of the most artistic, quality taxidermy work to be found anywhere. Our attention to detail is second to none. This is not an assembly-line shop producing quantity. All taxidermy is completed by Taxidermist Eric Wietfeld, who insists on quality.

  Last Frontier Taxidermy

Last Frontier Taxidermy is located in Anchorage, Alaska.  We provide professional and quality work at affordable rates on all trophies.  Our certified taxidermist uses the most up-to-date techniques available today.  We specialize in custom Alaskan wildlife mounts and habitat creations.  Our goal is to create an original display of display that you will treasure for a lifetime.

  Alaska's Tall Tale Taxidermy

With over 30 years in the business, Tall Tale Taxidermy of Ketchikan, Alaska has a proven track record when it comes to delivering a top notch product. We're also a dealer in raw and tanned furs and hides, and have in stock a large assortment of some of the most beautiful found in Alaska.

  D&C Expediters and Taxidermy

"Our dedication and commitment to the taxidermy industry is second to none.  We are a second generation taxidermy company, established in 1951.  Thanks to the active involvement of our sons, the third generation is well on its way.  The networking of D&C Expediters Anchorage, D&C Expediters Butte, Montana, and Atcheson Taxidermy, Inc., also in Butte, has helped us gain an international reputation for our museum quality work, quick service, reliability, and honesty.  We are one of the largest companies in the taxidermy field today, foreign and domestic.

  Adventures North Taxidermy

Adventures North is located in Palmer, Alaska. We provide professional work at reasonable rates and a lifetime guarantee on your trophy.

  Bones Jones Taxidermy

Bones Jones is a taxidermy business located in Sutton, Alaska. In the spring of 2001 I went to the Nothwest Iowa School Of Taxidermy. I learned how to incorporate competition-style techniques into my mounts. The detailed attention in these techniques always make the animal appear more lifelike. I subscribe to 2 magazines that deal with the industry, in order to stay informed on any new information and methods of taxidermy. My personal goal is to create higher standards of taxidermy in the state of Alaska. A mount should look more realistic the closer you get to it. Being a Christian businessman, my integrity is an essential part of my work. For me, taxidermy is not just about making money, but about giving my customers a top quality mount for a reasonable price.

  Alaska Wilderness Arts & Taxidermy

From Africa, North America, and every continent in between outdoor enthusiasts come to the best taxidermist in the business; Charles Livingston. Take a moment and email Charlie on your next mount and come to realize why, no one comes close in providing you the best mount in the business.

  Northern Wings Taxidermy

  taxidermy shop

  Fowl Play Bird Taxidermy

Specializing in birds-only taxidermy. Owned and operated in Alaska by taxidermist Richard Dykema.

  Northern Wings Taxidermy

Northern Wings specializes in birds only. It is owned and operated by Corey Stalker who is also an avid waterfowler and upland gamebird hunter

  RAK Taxidermy