Taxidermist Located in Florida

  Harold's Taxidermy

  Harveys Taxidermy

Harveys Taxidermy First started years ago by Lamar Harvey, a hunter, fisherman, and father who loved the outdoors; decided he wanted to Express his enjoyment for animals by learning taxidermy. Mr. Harvey expects the best for his customers And gives Top Quality Mounts every time!!!

  Ted's Wildlife

Ted Greenwood has been a taxidermist for over 20 years, mounting everything from squirrels to tigers. Now Ted works with live animals and specializes in large cats (lions and tigers) and bears. He believes in preserving wildlife and Native American cultures. He recycles and reuses all legal animal by-products, never wasting anything and always giving thanks for the gift. Ted's Wildlife Emporium grew from this philosophy.

  Southside Taxidermy

  Patty Twardzik

We specialize in large mammal and reptile taxidermy. Taxidermy mounts, antlers, and wildlife photography prints for sale. Lots of hunting and fishing links!

  A-1 SWFL Wildlife Specialties

We specialize in whitetail deer, wild boar, and alligator mounts! We now offer alligator hide tanning! Taxidermy mounts for sale! Lots of hunting, fishing, taxidermy, travel, and other related links!