Taxidermist Located in North Dakota

  Webster's Taxidermy

Cal Webster, the sole owner and operator of Webster's Taxidermy in Minot, North Dakota, has been practicing the art of fine taxidermy for nearly 30 years. A keen student of wildlife behavior, he has spent thousands of hours studying birds and animals in their natural habitat. He brings this experience to his work, resulting in trophys very different from the common static bird, fish or animal trophy. Each trophy is unique and is worked according to the customer's instructions

  Dakota Country Taxidermy

We are located in Southwestern North Dakota in the city of Hettinger. It's an area rich in game, but known for fantastic pheasant hunting. Since 1997 we have taken great pride in original and creative taxidermy. We are an award winning taxidermy studio where every piece leaving our shop is of show quality. Only the best products and techniques are used. No shortcuts!

  World of Wildlife Taxidermy

  Risovi Taxidermy Studio

We offer high quality custom taxidermy mounts specializing in gameheads and large lifesize moutns.

  Johnson Taxidermy

whether its birds, big game, small game, or tanning we do it all.