Taxidermist Located in Nevada

  Animal Artistry

A sizable investment of time, effort and money. Considering this investment, the choice of the right taxidermist should be a careful one. At Animal Artistry our commitment is to quality and creativity. This effort has been recognized internationally by being awarded top honors in major taxidermy competitions. We are setting new standards of excellence and innovative design. Many of the top trophies and world records have been entrusted to us.

  Desert Pines Taxidermy

Wildlife art by award winning taxidermist Richard Herb. Full service taxidermy studio. North American, African, and Exotic Game. Lifesize, Shoulder, Birds, Fish, and Reptiles.

  Captured Moments Taxidermy

High quality artistry with fast turnaround.


  Captured Moments Taxidermy

High quality professional taxidermy with fast turnaround and fair prices.

  Captured Moments Taxidermy

  Wildlife Revolutions

Full service taxidermy studio specializing in custom designed wildlife reproductions and hunting and safari trophy rooms. We are located in Reno, Nevada and we service clients from all over the world!

  Wildlife Revolutions Taxidermy