Taxidermist Located in Ohio

  Lanigan Taxidermy

Lanigan Taxidermy opened in 1990, and the business has been running strong ever since. We have a small family owned shop in Bethel, Ohio and we specialize in full-shoulder white tail deer mounts (but other big game are also welcomed: elk, moose, etc.). We take great pride in our artistry, and are very competetive in pricing.

  Artistic Expressions of Wildlife

To supply you with the best in recreated wildlife… whether it be through wildlife restoration (taxidermy), photographic and three-dimensional reference materials, or wildlife art.

  Animal Art Studio

Hard work, planning and determination, all these qualities and more went into that once in a life time experience. You have done your part now it is time for our part. Honesty, hard work, artistic ability and more is our part. By having the skilled wild-life artist of Animal Art Studios recreate your trophy in stunning realism, the dream is complete and the memories will last a life time.

  Augsburger Taxidermy

  Animal Art Studio Taxidermy "The Dream is Complete"