Taxidermist Located in Wyoming

  Leading Edge Taxidermy Studio

The Leading Edge Taxidermy Studio provides the highest level of artistic talent in the industry. Our goal is to custom design your trophy and depict life so realistically that it appears in motion. To do so, we take great pride in the details of form, function and natural settings. When you look at our finished product, we want you to experience the same thrill and pride you had in harvesting the trophy

  Bella Arts Wildlife Creations

Here at Bella Arts, our Wildlife Lamps are our signature pieces, and we are proud to have developed such a unique form of taxidermy art. All of our specimens are harvested in the beautiful countryside of Wyoming. The lamps themselves are made from all natural driftwood, weathered to perfection, and gathered from the freshest surrounding streams and rivers. And finally, each is set on a habitat base, allowing the beauty of these original pieces to come together as one.

  Hang-M- High

We are Lana & Gay-Lynn @ High-M-High Trading Post & Taxidermy. As sisters we are dedicated to our custumers, in bringing the best mounts available. licence and bonded.