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    Physical Characteristics

    Mule deer are distinct from other deer by their mule like ears. The ears may reach lengths of 10 inches.The mule deer appears much more stockier than the whitetail deer. It's coat has a dark gray color in the winter and a reddish brown color in the summer. The antler grow in a 'Y' formation from the head and are used to gain dominance status.

    Reproduction Cycle

    The breeding season begins in October and ends in December with the peak of the rut in November. Males shed their antlers between January and February. After a 200 day gestation period the females give birth in the spring (April-June). 1 to 4 fawns may be born at a time. On average a female will give birth to two fawns.


    Western Canada, Western U.S. as far as Texas and east to Wisconsin


    Forest Edges, Mountains, Hills


    Douglas-fir, ceader, yew, aspen, willow, acorns, dogwood, grapes, mushrooms,ferns, mistletoe, berries, & apples


    coyote, bobcat, mountain lion, wolves

    Height at shoulders----3 1/2 feet
    Weight ---- Male 125-400 lbs, Female 100-150 lbs
    Top Speed ---- 40 mph
    Jump Height ---- 8 feet
    Jump Distance ---- 20 feet