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WY Region C

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:48 pm
by Dwrecknfish
First off hello to everyone. I am a new member coming into the mule deer hunting scenery. To me they're my favorite deer. I have really only hunted blacktails in WA state and first time muley last year with archery.

Anyways I am looking for information on WY Region C so for this year. It is going to just be me and a buddy and we are going to spend about 10 days down there (already have the tags). I do know there is some issue with private ground bordering blm and whatnot. Looking for any advice by some fellow hunters on where to steer clear from and where to start searching. Will have to use interactive maps to start scouting. Willing to hike in and get away from the roads everyday.

Thanks in advance