Strawberry 4/17/2012

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Strawberry 4/17/2012

Post by derekp1999 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:10 pm

Headed up to Strawberry for a little ice off action Tuesday afternoon. The Strawberry side still had ice & the Soldier Creek side was ice free. We actually started at the Soldier Creek side at about 4:30pm and caught about 30 little rainbows in 2 hours. It seemed like we were getting strikes every cast, just nothing with any real size to it. We moved to try around some ice but found that to be unproductive with only 1 little rainbow in the last hour & a half.
Strawberry (30) - 1.jpg
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Re: Strawberry 4/17/2012

Post by ABert » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:54 pm

Nice pics!

I've been fishing on my lunch time and a little before and after work at the pond next to the store. We are having a contest for the largest bass which wins $50 in fishing gear. During lunch I was tossing a plastic worm when I got a hit. Set the hook and first thought was I got hung up, until my pole bent further and line started to peel off. I knew I had a good one.

The current leader is 4lbs 3oz and I knew if I could get this critter in I'd more than likely double that! Well, low and behold, I DID get it in, though took me about 10 minutes. Wanted to make sure I played it out! And sure enough, the fish would more than double the weight of the current leader. I didn't bother getting weighed, though, and just released it.

Unfortunately, it was about a 10lb blue catfish! #-o

First time EVER catching any kind of catfish on a plastic worm. I've got them on other lures but never a plastic worm...

until after work. First cast landed me about a 2 1/2 bass. Things were looking up! About ten minutes later, set the hook on another good fish. Yep, about a 5lb blue!

Gotta love my job with such a great fishing hole right next to the store!
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