(3 vids) Decent Utah 6 Pt. Bull Elk Near Strawberry Res.

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(3 vids) Decent Utah 6 Pt. Bull Elk Near Strawberry Res.

Post by healeybomb » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:19 am

My buddy Adam and I were out scouting for spike and cow elk out near strawberry back in Sept. '12 and had seen a decent bull drop down over a ridge from Adam's truck about 500 yds. away. We hustled down a tree line and looped around so the wind was in our favor. Adam threw out some cow calls and then a bugle and at about 100 yds up the moutain side, in the thick pines we heard a bull return a call. We called back after about 30 seconds or so and heard him respond again, then another bull a little further up the hill called joined in. We moved into the trees and I sent Adam and his camera up to get a closer look and hopefully get some nice pics. I started bugling again and within about 10 minutes we had 4 different elk calling back at us. It was sweet!

About 20 minutes later I had this 6 point come in. When he walked under the downed log, I ranged him at 21 yds He ended up walking right to me passing me on the right at about 3yds. and then cut behind me. When he cut behind me he was literally 3 feet from me! I was amazing he didn't smell us until after he'd passed. I learned two things that morning: 1. When a bull is in the rut, his normal ultra-cautious disposition is slightly shut down, and he is more curious and aggressive than he is cautious. 2. The wind/breeze/air movement can be your best or your worst enemy. It's always important to make sure you're heading the into the wind when heading toward your target.

You'll see I kind of struggled a little bit with my Iphone trying to keep the camera on him, but before I could get it around he smelled me and took off. Pretty rad experience.

I was bugling with a Primos Terminator Elk Bulge. It really does the job well! I recommend it!




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Re: (3 vids) Decent Utah 6 Pt. Bull Elk Near Strawberry Res.

Post by MuleyMadness » Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:56 am

Watched all 3 of them, AWESOME stuff and very cool experience for sure. Thanks for sharing them with us.

You can embed them right inside the forum if you'd like, use the code after the = sign and then highlight the code and click the youtube tab and it will put the tags around the code for you and your done.

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