Hunting How-To's

Build a Home Brew Trail Cam

by Brett Wilson How To Build a “Home Brew” Trail Camera Intro: A lot of guys/gals don’t have the patience to build ‘home brew’ trail cams, but for those who do…they can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t.  🙂 Although it will take some patience, and a learning curve; building ‘home brew’ trail cams is a very… Read more »

Spotting Scope Adapter – Digiscoping

by Brett Wilson How To Build a “Home Brew” Spotting Scope Adapter (SSA) A. Parts First there is a few items you’ll need to buy, but I’ve tried to keep this as cheap as possible yet still be a high quality build. This spotting scope adapter fits my Spotting scope only, I have NOT tried… Read more »

Track Wounded Game

by Woody Williams Less than a minute has elapsed since you’ve shot one of the biggest bucks you have ever seen. It happened so fast it’s hard to believe. What you do now may determine whether or not you’ll recover your buck. Your first impulse is to bail out of your treestand and take off… Read more »