"Alberta Wilderness Guide Service" - Review

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Overall Score: (5/5)
Game Quality: excellent
Accommodations Quality: excellent
Guide Experience: expert
Trasportation Quality: excellent
Food Quality: excellent
Species Hunted: Whitetail
Weapon Used: Rifle
Date Of Hunt: November 2012
Year 4 and my guide was Al, aka "Lewis", another top notch guide, hunter, and overall good fellow. This time around the boys had me in a ground blind atop an approximately 6 foot tall platform they had built. Crazy weather started things off with winds topping 40 MPH and temps in the 40s. Each succeeding day the temps got lower and it began to snow on day 3. Overall deer movement was slow the first 5 days but by day 6 the weather cleared and the temps plummeted. It was -13F Saturday morning. Several younger bucks were dogging does the first hour after daybreak. I looked over to my right and spotted a cow moose come crashing out of the woods. Right behind was a pure black timber wolf. Though I have had wolf tags in the past, this was the first time I'd actually seen one in person. Immediately I switched from deer hunting and got on the big male. My first shot spun him and the second put him down. I saw another black timber wolf scoot into the woods before I could get on it. An hour later the deer were back out in force and movement continued until 12:30. At 3:30PM I spotted black just inside the tree line. It was the second timber wolf coming back looking for the first one I had killed. One more shot rang out and the second pure black timber wolf was on the ground!! The very next day I returned to the same stand and shot a nice mature 8 point buck 20 minutes after shooting light came in. Two beautiful black timber wolves and a nice buck!! This was yet another "hunt of a lifetime" for me and the AWGS family. Who could ask for more??
Reviewer Information:
Reviewed By: Bill Gregory
Reviewed On: 09-04-2013 07:32 AM
From: North Carolina
Email: gregoryw@soc.mil
Phone: 910 261-9629

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