Dean Mace – My 1998 mulie from central B.C. Scores 234 3/8 Boone and Crockett.



I’m more interested in hearing the hunting tale i.e. if it involved a good stalk. Did you glass this buck from a road, did you catch him in his bed, was he running does, shot challenges – that part of the hunting story.

After taking a buck like this one, please share the experience with the hunting fraternity!


The tale goes like this>>>passed several good bucks early in the week in this same spot, my partner and i were seeing lots of deer daily.It appeared that we hit the rut bang on.My partner took a nice 5×5 about day 6 of our hunt.We went back the next day and didn’t see a deer.I couldn’t believe all the deer had vanished so after i met up with my patner we decided to hike to the west through a large depresion and come out on a reclaimed logging road.As we crested the top of the depresion a line of does( about15 ) were coming out of the timber following them was this buck.All I saw in my bino’s was his big drop and I knew I was going to take him!!As I raised my gun my partner wispered Dean it’s #@$%^ Huge!! I didn’t need that now I had the fever!I tried to lay down for a shot but couldn’t see so it was going to be free hand at about 130 yds.Well I blew it!!No idea where that shot went.The deer didn’t even budge, the buck was engrosed with the does.The second shot was true and down he went.
Its good to be lucky.
Straight shootin

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