Mark Goff



My brother and I just returned from a closing weekend Mule Deer hunt at the Kipp – Muley Canyon ranch outside of Childress, TX. On the first morning of the hunt my brother shot the 10 point (right) and I got the 8 point (left) later that afternoon at approximately the same location. I shot the 8 point at about 200 yards with a Remington .270 and my brother shot his with a 25.06 at about the same distance. It was a great experience and the first decent sized bucks for both of us.


Yeah, you got that right ‘america guy’. My brother and I had an extremely fun hunt. We just thought we’d share the pics. We never said we broke any records with these bucks, we just wanted to share a memorable experience. Hosers, eh..


It really doesn’t matter if your in Canada or the states… there’s just an abundance of a-holes. If you had fun, the deer are fine, if you ever want to come to northern Alberta I’ll show ya some hogs!

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