My first Buck 2011

My first buck killed in Eastern Oregon 2011
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  • Description: This is my first buck and I was so excited. I have not had it scored yet but will as soon as they can get to it! I will post the scores when I get them.
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Thank you. I never expected to see anything like this let alone kill one this big. I expected to get a little rag horn. I would have been equally as happy just because it is my first buck, but it being so unique makes it even better. I can’t wait to get it scored. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out. I wasn’t going to post the pictures but I have seen a few sites where someone else has posted it and then put the wrong information down so I thought I would get the picture out there with the right information.


I finally got my buck scored. He scored 200 6/8ths. Not enough to make the books but still a great score. Very symmetrical on both sides. The drop tines were over 11” each!

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