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MuleyMadness was first conceived in 1998 and put online in 2000 as an Internet big game outdoor information service, specializing in Mule Deer. The internet seems bombarded with Whitetail Deer sites, but very few good mule deer resources. Thus one of the reasons for creating such a service. The Internet’s existing on-line community of outdoor enthusiast will be our focus as well as those who continue to go “online” on a daily basis. Our overall objective is to build the best, most comprehensive, dynamic, outdoor hunting adventure website were all can learn and gain valuable information online. With your help we hope to create a lifetime of unforgettable memories in God’s great outdoors.

Fellow Sportsman, Hunters, Mule Deer, and big game lovers. My name is Brett Wilson, and I simply have a passion and love for Mule Deer. I’m simply put a “die hard” when it comes to big bucks. Nothing thrills me more than putting my binoculars, scope, or better yet; my camera on a huge buck. My passion for the outdoors and nature has driven me to create a site where we can all enjoy great information, tips, resources, and photos of some of natures finest animals. I will do just about anything to get close to a big mule deer and attempt to get photos/video. These animals are simply magnificent. Although I have yet to kill the elusive “trash factor” buck. I continue to enjoy my time in nature filming these animals knowing they are still out there roaming the hills alive and well.

It has always been a goal of mine to create a web site, or online magazine where we can enjoy sharing experiences, stories, and quality information with all hunting lovers. I appreciate your visit to MULEYMADNESS.COM and welcome any comments or suggestions. I hope you will check back often and send in and share your philosophies
on hunting.

Yes, trophy Mule Deer are truly in the eye of the beholder. My personal favorite is mass, I love a big buck that has mass with cheaters. Yes, width is certainly impressive. But mass and cheaters are simply the best in my opinion. I hope to provide you the viewers with many crisp photos year after year. But, only one man can produce so many photos, so we rely on you the viewers to help maintain and update us with your success stories and pictures.

The bucks I film are as wild as Mule Deer get, and getting close to these deer can be a tedious and very time consuming process. Sometimes it’s just plain luck. But the moment the big muley comes in close it’s all worth the wait. What an exciting adrenaline rush.

So I hope you enjoy the site and check back often.




I’m not the only one to spend countless hours on making this journal a success, my good friend and brother Andrew has put countless hours and intelligence into founding MuleyMadness.com. Thanks Andrew, “you da man”. Yes, of course there are many others who help with the Muleymadness team, thanks to all who contribute!!

Brett Wilson-Owner
514 N. 2230 E.
St. George, UT


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