Flaming gorge

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Re: Flaming gorge

Post by Wyosheds » Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:36 pm

M.Bird wrote:Who and How did they get into the Gorge?
Where they introduced by the fish and game or did someone dump them in because they like them. Are they eatable? And how do they taste?
Are they competing with the other fish?
They were illeagally introduced (Bucket Biology) into th Big Sandy Res. several years ago and they migrated downstream into Flaming Gorge. They started to be seen in G&F gill net studies in 2005 and anglers soon after started catching them on accident. Last winter was the first time anglers started specifically targeting Burbot at Flaming Gorge. This winter has seen quite an increase in angling for burbot mostly because Wyoming has put a "No Limit" on Burbot that are caught at Flaming Gorge, and many people are catching mass quantities in one night. Burbot are very tasty also and that is another attraction for the increased targeting by fisherman.

The bad part is they are well established in the Gorge for only being present for a short amount of time. They are competing with every fish in the Res, and the Game and Fish for both Wyo and Utah are extremely concerned about the future of the Gorge fishery.
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Re: Flaming gorge

Post by MULEY7MM » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:01 am

Braz, im glad you jumped in with some real info :thumb
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